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2019, 2nd Ed.
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Technical Papers

130+ publications (>100 as first author). Selected titles are shown here. Download papers with underlined links for pdf files. Please do not share without permission from the author. Most popular articles in Red. Coauthors' organizations listed on right.


Stability Studies and Testing (A series of 3 white papers)

  1. K. Huynh-Ba and M. W. Dong, Stability Studies and Testing of Pharmaceuticals: An Overview, LCGC North Am. 38(6), 325-336, 2020.

  2. M. W. Dong, K. Huynh-Ba, and J. T. Ayers, Development of Stability-Indicating Analytical Procedures by HPLC: An Overview and Best Practices, LCGC North Am. 38(8), 440-455, 2020.

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Separation Science in Drug Development (A series of 4 white papers)


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  2. B. Lin, J. H. Pease and M. W. Dong, Separation Science in Drug Development, Part 2: High –Throughput Characterization. LCGC North Am. 33(8), 534-545, 2015.

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UHPLC (A series of 3 white papers)

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HPLC Instruments (A series of 4 white papers)

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HPLC Method Development


  1. M.W. Dong, A Three-Pronged Template Approach for Rapid HPLC Method Development. LCGC North Am. 31(8), 612-621, 2013.

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Drug Development and Regulations (A series of 9 papers, 2022-2024, New)​

  1. M. W. Dong, The Pharmaceutical Industry and the Separation Scientist: Perspective, Trends, and Career Opportunities, LCGC North Am.  40 (6), 252-257, 2022.

  2. M. W. Dong, Small Molecule Drug Discovery (SMDD): Processes, Perspectives, Candidate Selection, and Career Opportunities for Analytical Chemists, LCGC North Am.  40 (8), 344-350, 2022.

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Regulatory Filings


  1. Authored CMC sections of IND or IMPD of several new chemical entities for oncology (AKT-0068 (Phase 0 to 2b), IAP-0152 and IAP-0917)

  2. Contributed CMC filing to NDA/BLA (OxyContin NDA amendments and BLA for Kadcyla T-DM1 antibody-drug conjugate).

Patents and Research Grants


  1. U.S. Patent - Apparatus for periodically monitoring of a plurality of samples (dissolution testing).

  2. NIH Research Grant - "Occurrence, tumorigenicity, and metabolism of quinolines."

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