HPLC 2015 Beijing, HPLC 2016 San Francisco, HPLC 2017 Jeju, HPLC 2018 Washington DC, HPLC 2019 Milan, HPLC 2020 San Diego


Keynote presentations and short courses/tutorials 


Eastern Analytical Symposium 2015-2020, EAS, Somerset or Princeton NJ 


Short courses in Modern HPLC and UHPLC 1 and 2.


Pittcon 2016-2020 


Short courses in Modern HPLC and UHPLC 1 and 2.


Amer. Chem. Soc. Online and at National Meetings 2015 -2020


Short courses in Modern HPLC and UHPLC 1 and 2.




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    (A best seller in HPLC with 8000 copies sold)

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Regulatory Filings



  1. Authored CMC sections of IND or IMPD of several new chemical entities for oncology (AKT-0068 (Phase 0 to 2b), IAP-0152 and IAP-0917)

  2. Contributed CMC filing to NDA/BLA (OxyContin NDA amendments and BLA for Kadcyla T-DM1 antibody-drug conjugate).


Short Courses Conducted

  1. HPLC/UHPLC I and II: EAS 2011-19 and  Pittcon 2012-19, ACS 2014-19, USP 2/2017, Chrom Forum Delaware Valley, 4/2017, Recro Pharma 12/18, City of Hope  9/18.

  2. Drug Discovery and Development Processes: EAS 2010, 14-17, Pittcon 2013, 15, 16. 19.

  3. Drug Quality Fundamentals, Quality Control of Small Molecule Drugs and Recombinant Biologics, UC Santa Cruz Extension, 2012-17, HPLC 2014, New Orleans, HPLC 2019, Milan, Pittcon 2015, EAS 2014-15.

  4. HPLC method development: EAS (2005-2010, 2015), HPLC 2016, PBSS 6/16, EAS 2016, HPLC 2018 Wash. DC.

  5. UHPLC and UHPLC in biopharmaceutical analysis (HPLC 2012 Anaheim, PBSS Bay Area, 6/16, NYS biotech symposium, 5/17).

  6. HPLC Operation and Troubleshooting, HPLC 2018 Wash. DC

  7. LC/MS tutorial, HPLC 2017 Jeju, Korea.

Technical Papers

120+ publications (>90 first-authored), Selected titles are shown here.

Separation Science in Drug Development


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HPLC Method Development


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