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Provide expert training and consulting services in HPLC and pharm analysis 

On-site or Virtual 1-day training courses


  1. HPLC and UHPLC 1: Fundamentals 

  2. HPLC and UHPLC 2: Operation, troubleshooting, and method development

  3. HPLC/UHPLC method development and Validation

  4. Drug discovery and development processes

  5. Drug Quality Fundamentals, Regulations and Quality Control of small molecule drugs and recombinant therapeutics



$3000 per day plus expenses with discounts for non-profit organizations. Travel time billed at half rates.



Provide expert consulting services in HPLC/UHPLC and pharm analysis to pharma, biotech and instrument companies.





Standard Cost is $300/hour (discount for longer contracts or non-profit organizations).

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